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Hanwha Techwin launches 6-megapixel sensor Fisheye Camera

2017.11.09 0
Hanwha Techwin launches 6-megapixel sensor Fisheye Camera

Global security company Hanwha Techwin is launching 6-megapixel sensor applied high-resolution fisheye camera XNF-8010R and XNF-8010RV.
The new XNF-8010R/8010RV is equipped with a fisheye lens, allowing 360° omnidirectional surveillance with no blind spots by using a single camera. It features a 6-megapixel sensor to ensure clean, clear, and ultra-high-resolution image quality.
The wider viewing angle of 192° allows monitoring of wider areas at a single glance, and IR function support secures up to 15 m of visible distance throughout the day.
It supports easy Wi-Fi connection via USB for taking snapshots or adjusting the lens. Its Simple Focus function automatically adjusts the lens focus quickly for enhanced convenience.
Various smart functions, such as Waiting Line Management for checking the activity of specific areas, People Counting for tracking the numbers of people, and Heat Map for displaying the frequency of movement using colors, help improve operational efficiency in shops and department stores.
The Dewarping function flattens the captured image through the fisheye lens, and it supports various monitoring modes such as Panorama and Split Screen.
H.265 and WiseStream II image compression technology also helps reduce network system costs with small-size, high-compression video.
Hanwha Techwin has stated that this new product will allow 360° omnidirectional surveillance with a single camera, contributing to reducing blind spots in shopping malls, apartments, public organizations and urban surveillance.
Hanwha Techwin launches launches 6-megapixel sensor Fisheye Camera