The Most Powerful Chipset

 Wisenet 5

Wisenet X series is supercharged by the most powerful chipset ever incorporated into a full camera range. The Wisenet 5 chip uses an all-new architecture that enables faster processing. That means you get the best video performance just as you need it.
  • The World’s best WDR 150dB
    An existing WDR image is captured by composing 2 frames with different exposures, but the Wisenet X series with 150dB WDR uses 4 frames to create a more natural image. New technology has been developed to remove movement, a critical weakness of existing WDR, and provides clear and vivid images.

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  • Monitor color images, even under low-light conditions
    With the new powerful new chipset used in the Wisenet X series Lens technology, images can be monitored in low-light conditionsincluding color without an IR LED. Vivid images can now be captured any time of the day.

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  • More accurate stabilization using a gyro sensor
    A gyro sensor has been added to the technology used in existing cameras for more accurate stabilization. Stabilization comes into effect when a camera is disturbed by wind or vibrations, resulting in more stable images.

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  • Improve bandwidth by up to 99% using WiseStream Ⅱ
    Using WiseStream Ⅱ, Hanwha Techwin’s original video compression technology, the Wisenet X series reduces data by up to 99% compared to current H.264 tech-nology. when combined with H.265 compression. System costs are also greatly reduced without comprising image quality.

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  • More convenient installation with USB
    Wisenet X series can connect cameras and mobile devices through USB and Wi-Fi. View angles can be checked immediately after installation using a mobile device. No additional devices are required, saving you time and money.
  • Dual SD slots
    Dual SD slots allow up to 512 GB to be saved automatically to the camera, keeping data safe in the event of an unstable network. Obviously this allows to record more video footage than single SD slot.
  • Minimize Lens Distortion
    Lens Distortion may typically appear in videos causing straight lines close to the edge curve outwards. With the Lens Distortion Correction technology available on the Wisenet X series, imperfections in images can be easily repaired.
  • Minimize Lens Distortion
  • Enhanced Video and Audio Analytics
    Wisenet X series comes with a variety of exclusive new Video and Audio Analytics, providing enhanced monitoring solutions and market intelligence.
  • Behavior Analytics
    Appear, Disappear, Loitering
    Virtual line, Enter/Exit, Directional Detection
    Image quality enhancement
    Defocus Detection, Fog detection

    Motion Detection, Tampering, Face Detection, Audio detection
    Statistics for Market Intelligence
    Heat map, People counting, Queue management
    Audio AnalyticsSound classification
    폭발, 총성, 유리창 파손

    * bold: new added

  • Fog Detection
    Wisenet X series delivers outstanding image quality in foggy weather with Fog Detection. Any change in an image is automatically deleted with the defog function to provide a clear image.
  • Detect fog ->Defog Activation -> Activate Defog(Auto/Manual)
  • Handover to PTZ
    The handover feature allows a PTZ camera* to receive an alarm (motion detection) from Wisenet X series camera operating on the same IP system. Once the notification is received, the PTZ camera will zoom into the assigned camera pre-set location.
    *PNP-9200RH / XNP-6370RH
  • Motion detected->Alarm notification to PTZ ->PTZ zooms into pre-set location

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